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Biorevitalisation with V2 Injector

Bring out your inner beauty with Beauty Booster biorevitalisation treatment.

Is your complexion dull and your skin dry? If you are looking for a treatment to give you tighter, firmer, more glowing skin, Beauty Booster could be the solution.

Skin undergoes changes with the passage of time. Whilst an unhealthy lifestyle, an unbalanced diet and cigarette smoking affect the skin’s appearance and quality, approximately 80% of facial skin ageing is attributed to UV exposure, leading to excessive oxidants (free radicals) and a progressive loss of hydration. Just like an apple that dries, skin that is deprived of its sources of hydration will lose its shine with the passage of time. At the age of 35, the skin’s thickness and hydration has decreased on average by about 22%. This is where biorevitalisation can help.

What is biorevitalisation?

“Biorevitalisation” is a term used to describe the rejuvenation of the skin by the direct delivery of a multivitamin solution, natural plant extracts, amino acids and antioxidants via microinjections to the dermis. It is ideal for patients who want to address the signs of skin ageing but don’t need volume replacement.

Before and after Biorevitalisation treatment

The biorevitalisation product we use, known as Beauty Booster, has a unique and patented formula. Recently launched in Australia, it is TGA listed and approved as a prescription-only medication. Beauty Booster shares its main component with the most common type of dermal fillers available in Australia, but in addition has a combination of antioxidants, amino acids, minerals and vitamins, all of which are naturally present in the skin.

Unlike traditional fillers, Beauty Booster is delivered into the middle and lower layers of the skin, rather than under the skin. Beauty Booster provides an immediate subtle plumping with dermal moisturisation and hydrobalance, but the real magic happens in the weeks to months after the treatment session, when it provides dermal regeneration, improvements and strengthening of the extracellular matrix, and a collagen-boosting effect. This combination of effects results in tighter, more hydrated skin and a smoothing effect that can reduce the appearance of folds and deeper wrinkles.

Biorevitalisation treatments are quick, precise and effective. There is minimal pain or discomfort and minimal downtime.

When and where can biorevitalisation be used?

How do I know whether a biorevitalisation treatment is right for me?

What happens during a treatment session?

What are the benefits of the V2 Injector device?

Is Biorevitalisation painful?

Is there any downtime?

Are the results immediate?

How many Biorevitalisation sessions will I need?

How long do results last?

How much does Biorevitalisation cost?

Are mesotherapy and biorevitalisation filler the same thing?

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