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Cosmetic Mole Removal

Mole Removal | Skin Clinic Fremantle

Cosmetic mole removal is a combined surgical and radiosurgical procedure designed to remove benign (non-cancerous) moles, which is done under local anaesthetic with no linear scar or sutures.

Which moles can be treated?

Generally, all raised benign moles are suitable for this treatment, including hairy moles,dermal (non-pigmented) moles, raised birthmarks, seborrhoeic keratoses (“senile warts”) and pigmented moles.

What does the cosmetic mole removal involve?

Local anaesthetic is applied to the immediate area. The bulk of the lesion is shaved off surgically and then a radiofrequency wave is used to resurface and coagulate the area. A dressing is applied for 24-48 hours, after which a silicone gel is applied to aid healing. There is little aftercare required and you can resume normal day to day activities
immediately afterwards.

Are there any limitations of treatment?

Some limitations do arise for the fact that the mole is shaved and flattened rather than cut out and sutured. Hence the deep parts of the mole remain in the skin. The mole can very occasionally recur (grow back). Pigmented raised moles may be simply converted to a flat pigmented lesion, similar in look to a freckle, if the pigment extends deep into the skin layers. As with any skin procedure, this treatment may occasionally result in a small flat pale scar, similar to a mild chicken-pox scar. Any skin lesion suspected of having cancerous potential is not suitable to be removed using this method.

What are the costs of cosmetic mole removal?

Cosmetic mole removal costs from $250, depending upon the site and number of moles to be removed. A Medicare rebate may be available to cover some of the costs of the procedure.

From 1st October 2016, Medical Board (AHPRA) guidelines regarding the provision of cosmetic procedures, require a consultation and a “cooling-off” period prior to any cosmetic treatments.

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