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Double Chin Treatments

Injectable Deoxycholic Acid – Are you concerned about your double chin?

Bothered by sub mental fullness? You are not alone…

A 2015 survey of American men and women revealed that 67% were bothered by the fat beneath their chin, the same number that were concerned about forehead and frown lines.

In Australia in 2016, 59% of women have said they are concerned about a double chin – that’s more than those concerned about forehead and frown lines (52%).

Before and after double chin treatment

Did you know that we can now sculpt, contour and define your neck and jawline?

Definitely not just for women – using this latest injectable anti-ageing treatment, we can chisel the male jawline, sculpt your neck and help you drop a shirt size.

This TGA approved injectable , named B*****a around the world, and K*****a in the USA is licensed for the removal of fat under the chin, also known as “sub-mental fullness” or a “double chin”. B*****a permanently destroys fat cells, giving you a lifelong result.

FAQs about Injectable Deoxycholic Acid for treating a double chin

What is sub-mental fullness?

What is this new double chin treatment? Is it surgery?

Who is Injectable Deoxycholic Acid suitable for?

How does Injectable Deoxycholic Acid help my double chin?

Is Injectable Deoxycholic Acid approved by Australian Health Authorities for the treatment of my double chin?

What happens during a double chin treatment?

Will the treatment hurt?

What are the side effects?

How many treatments are needed to improve my double chin?

How long does it take to work?

Are the results permanent?

Does it hurt? Will I swell or bruise?

Will double chin treatment alter my face or expression?

Are there any contradictions to treatment?

How much does it cost to treat a double chin?

Your B*****a journey will be tailor made and customised to suit your needs and expectations. Some patients only require one treatment using 2 vials of B*****a, at a cost of $1200. Others may have a larger area to treat and so may (for example) need four treatments using 3 vials of B*****a each time. The results are permanent and you should not need top-up treatments in the future. As an indication, some “mild” to “serious” packages are described below. There are no rebates from either Medicare or private health funds for this treatment. Please bear in mind that individual results will vary and these images and costs are meant as an indication only.

  • Mild
  • Moderate
  • Serious

After belkyra double chin treatment (mild) Before belkyra double chin treatment (mild)

3 treatment sessions using a total of 5 vials = $2800

Before belkyra double chin treatment (moderate) After belkyra double chin treatment (moderate)

4 treatment sessions using a total of 7 vials = $3900

Before belkyra double chin treatment (serious) After belkyra double chin treatment (serious)

6 treatment sessions using a total of 14 vials = $7200


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Images courtesy of the manufacturer.

Other treatments for a double chin


If injections, surgery or liposuction are not for you, we offer an alternative method of permanent fat reduction for the sub mental area. Cryolipolysis (or “fat freezing”) is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that can reduce isolated pockets of fat by 20-40% per treatment.

Cryolipolysis is a treatment for stubborn pockets of superficial fat. Using the unique combination of electro- and cryo- therapy, fat cells in the treated area are frozen and crystallise. 20-40% of the treated cells will die in a natural way and be eliminated by the body over the course of several months. We perform cryolipolysis in clinic using our 3D Lipomed technology.

Results are not seen for 2-3 months, at which time the treatment can be repeated in the sub mental area if required.

The procedure takes 45minutes and there is virtually no downtime. No anaesthetic is needed and you can return to normal activities immediately. The treated area may feel cold and be a little red for a short time afterwards. The skin may feel slightly tender for up to ten days afterwards. No skin tightening is expected with this treatment.

Cost: $450 per treatment to the sub-mental area.

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