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Injectable skin hydrators

Enhance the radiance of your skin, reduce pigmentation or improve fine lines & wrinkles.

Is your complexion dull and your skin dry? If you are looking for a treatment to give you tighter, firmer, more glowing skin, injectable skin hydrators & peptides could be the solution.

Skin undergoes changes with the passage of time. Whilst an unhealthy lifestyle, an unbalanced diet and cigarette smoking affect the skin’s appearance and quality, approximately 80% of facial skin ageing is attributed to UV exposure, leading to excessive oxidants (free radicals) and a progressive loss of hydration. Just like an apple that dries, skin that is deprived of its sources of hydration will lose its shine with the passage of time. At the age of 35, the skin’s thickness and hydration has decreased on average by about 22%. This is where injectable hydrators can help.

What can injectable hydration achieve?

The main ingredient in the injectable skin hydrators that are currently available in Australia is a purified version of hyaluronic acid – a naturally-occurring molecule that is often used in skin moisturising creams. However, this molecule itself is too large to travel through the skin without help. So when it is applied to the surface as a serum or a cream, it plumps up the outermost layer of skin, but does very little to help the lower skin layers. Delivering hydration directly to the dermis, offers a long-lasting solution for dry, dull skin.


At The Skin Clinic Fremantle, we offer a choice of two different types of injectable skin treatments:

You can opt for pure hydration, or mix it up a little with a personalised skin-health cocktail to fortify the dermis or reduce trapped pigmentation.


Mesotherapy: Using a cocktail of Mesoestetic® professional pharmaceutical grade active ingredients, we can tailor make you a bespoke treatment that is perfect for your individual skin concerns. We prefer to deliver this treatment precisely and efficiently via an automatic multi-needle delivery system (V2 injector). This enables you to benefit from the collagen-inducing stimulation of dermal needling as well as the functional effects of the active ingredients, but is more effective than simply rubbing ingredients onto the skin after traditional dermal needling   The effects of a meostherapy treatment can be seen quickly, and in some cases by the following day, depending upon the ingredients chosen. Results typically last about 4-6 weeks. Treatments can be done as often as monthly, or just when you need that extra boost.

Pure Hydration: Launched in Australia in 2018, the hydrating molecules in this light gel are cross-linked (joined) together, making it last longer in the skin. This product is perfect for patients who want to address the signs of skin ageing but don’t need volume replacement. Unlike traditional fillers, this injectable hydrator is delivered into the middle or lower layers of the skin, rather than under the skin. Whilst the product shares its main component with the most common type of dermal fillers in Australia, it will not change the shape or movements of the face. Instead, it will offer a “radiance” and a glow to the skin, similar to applying a filter on a photograph. It is usually delivered by hand for precise areas, such as lines around the lips. A single treatment is designed to offer results for 6-9 months.

Injectable skin treatments are quick, precise and effective. There is minimal pain or discomfort and minimal downtime.

When and where can injectable skin treatments be used?

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