Non-Surgical Treatments for Skin Cancer

Treatments for Skin Cancer | Skin Clinic Fremantle

Some types of skin cancers can be treated without surgery.

Non-surgical treatments for skin cancer which may be available to you include:

This can be used to treat solar/actinic keratoses (sunspots) as well as some early non-melanoma skin cancers. The skin is precisely frozen with liquid nitrogen, leading to the formation of a small scab. This can take 1-4 weeks to heal, depending on the body site.

A number of prescription-only medications are available for treating both solar/actinic keratoses and also some types of early non-melanoma skin cancers. The length of treatment can vary from 2 days to several months. The side effects, downtime and efficacy varies for each of these creams. Further information will be provided if any of these creams are an option for treating your skin cancer.

Light therapy can be used to treat certain sorts of non-melanoma skin cancers. An activating cream is applied to the tumour site by the Doctor or Nurse at the clinic, and is left on the skin for a number of hours before a special red light is applied. This precisely directed treatment destroys cancer cells but leaves healthy skin untouched. PDT generally produces very good cosmetic results and is therefore often used to treat skin lesions on cosmetically sensitive areas such as the face, chest, back and upper arms. It can also be used on areas where conventional methods can be difficult, such as the lower leg.

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