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Plasma Lid-Lift

Plasma Lid-Lift | Treat wrinkles and darkness around the eyes.

A Plasma Lid-Lift is a non-invasive procedure that utilises a plasma generator device to lift the upper eyelid.

  • A plasma device stimulates instant contraction of the skin and subsequent tightening of skin fibres
  • This technology does not use a scalpel or laser to remove excess skin, therefore downtime is minimal
  • Avoids risks inherent to the traditional interventions for blepharoplasty.
  • Costs range from $400 and $1100, depending on the treatment area

*Disclaimer – results may vary from patient to patient

Plasma Treatments

Not to be confused with PRP (platelet-rich plasma), plasma is an ionised gas that holds an electrical charge, and is classified as the “fourth state of matter”, making up over 99.9% of the universe. Plasma energy is created when a gas passes through an electromagnetic field to create ionised gas particles in the air between the device tip and the skin.

This plasma can be focused into a stream of energy and applied at atmospheric pressure to target many different skin concerns.

As the plasma energy flows deeper within the skin, its intensity and effects change.

  1. Skin surface – kills germs and bacteria by breaking bacterial molecular structure
  2. Epidermis – dramatically increase the skin absorption rate by temporarily breaking the cell adhesion molecules
  3. Dermis – tightens aged skin and stimulates generation of collagen and fibroblasts

Plasma BT® device

The plasma device that we use at The Skin Clinic Fremantle is a high power medical unit, not a handheld pen device. It is currently the only such system that is registered and listed as a medical device in Australia.
The system offers two distinct functions:

  1. Plasma Surgical® – non-invasive treatments for eye rejuvenation (upper and lower blepharoplasty), crows feet, wrinkle reduction, skin tag removal
  2. Plasma Shower® – active acne, pigment removal, skin regeneration and tightening

Plasma Lid-Lift

A Plasma Lid-Lift is an alternative to invasive surgical blepharoplasty and is most suitable to patients who have a good brow height but have a slight excess of loose eyelid skin. Results vary between individuals, but for the right candidates results can be comparable to surgery with NO surgical incisions. For most patients, the results will be more subtle than a surgical blepharoplasty.

This treatment uses a process known as ‘sublimation’ (think “vaporisation”) to effectively reduce the surface area of excess skin as well as triggering collagen renewal, leading to tightening of the skin over the subsequent weeks. A thin probe is used to target the plasma very precisely at the area required, and has revolutionised the way we are able to rejuvenate the delicate eye area, where the thickness of the skin is typically less than 1mm.


How does a Plasma Lid-Lift work?

Am I a good candidate for a Plasma Lid-Lift?

Does a Plasma Lid-Lift hurt?

How long does a Plasma Lid-Lift take?

How much downtime is involved in a Plasma Lid-Lift?

How long does it take to see results?

What are the side effects of a Plasma Lid-Lift?

Are the results permanent?

How many treatments are needed?

How much does a Plasma Lid-Lift cost?

Area First Treatment Subsequent Treatments
Upper OR lower lids $900 $550
Upper AND lower lids $1100 $670

Other areas that can be treated to tighten and reduce skin excess:

Crow’s feet (sides of eyes) $400
Smoker’s lines (top lip) $550-750
Bottom lip area and Marionette lines $550-750

You can pay for your treatment with cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, American Express (merchant fees apply) or zipPay.

Plasma Shower™

A separate hand-piece on the Plasma BT® device is designed to remove bacteria and aid absorption within the skin, stimulating skin regeneration and boosting collagen for clearer, healthier and firmer skin. This treatment is ideal for:

  • Acne treatment – sterilisation of acne bacteria
  • Skin regeneration – tightening the skin
  • Pigmentation treatment – promoting a clearer complexion, improving skin tone
  • Inducing absorption of serums or solutions, chosen to suit the patient’s skin needs (needle-free mesotherapy)
  • Wrinkle treatment – non-ablative lifting and regeneration

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