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Silhouette Soft® Thread Lift

Silhouette Soft® Thread Lift

As we age, bony changes, volume loss, decreased collagen and poor skin elasticity can lead to sagging cheeks and a tired, aged look.

The lower cheek area (or “jowls”) have been traditionally difficult to treat with dermal fillers. Now, using Silhouette Soft® bidirectional threads, we can obtain volume repositioning and/or skin tightening on an outpatient basis under local anaesthetic in the clinic. Sagging jawlines can become firmer with a more regular contour, and cheeks can be elevated to a more youthful position.

The benefits of a Silhouette Soft® Thread Lift

  • Immediate natural lifting effect
  • Progressive restoration of lost collagen
  • Temporary but long-lasting results of 1-2 years
  • Improvement over time due to double action of Silhouette Soft®
  • Painless procedure that takes only 30 minutes
  • Minimal downtime
  • Can be used in conjunction with other aesthetic treatments.

Thread Lift Before & After Photos

Thread Lift Before and After
Thread Lift Before and After

FAQ’s about Silhouette Soft® Thread Lift

Silhouette Soft® directional threads are made in the USA. They have been developed after 6 years of research in permanent suspension sutures with cones used in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Unlike more traditional barbed suture threads, with their unique cone technology, Silhouette Soft® sutures remain in place, preventing any risks of migration or extrusion.

This type of thread lift works in 2 ways. There is a lifting action for instant yet discrete results. As soon as the threads have been placed beneath the skin, the treatment area is redefined by compressing the tissue and lifting the skin, which is then anchored in place by the cones. Secondly, there is a regenerating action for gradual and natural results. As it is being resorbed, the PLA acts in the subcutaneous tissue and stimulates fibroblast activation and collagen production, thus restoring shapeliness to the face.

Silhouette Soft® suture threads are constructed of L-Polylactic-acid (PLA). PLA is a well-known polymer that has been used for many years in a number of biomedical and pharmaceutical applications. It has a long history of use as an absorbable (dissolvable) sutures, and in orthopaedic fixation devices such as pins, rods and screws.

PLA is biocompatible and bioresorbable, and its breakdown process has been extensively studied. It is degraded by metabolic processes into lactic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in the body. PLA is generally well tolerated and allergic reactions are exceedingly rare. Once the suture is placed under the skin, PLA acts by stimulating the fibroblasts in the skin to increase collagen production.

This action continues over time, which helps to increase the volume and restores shapeliness to the face gradually and naturally. PLA is degraded by the body in approximately 30 months.

Silhouette Soft® is the only reabsorbable suture with bidirectional resorbable cones. The cones provide anchorage points into the subcutaneous tissue. Collagen induction around the cones creates a solid support of the soft tissue, preventing migration or extrusion. The entire surface of the cones is smooth and therefore they do not feel “prickly” under the skin and are more comfortable than the barbed sutures that have been traditionally used for thread lifting.

A Silhouette Soft® Thread Lift can be performed under local anaesthetic in the clinic.

Whilst you are sitting up, your doctor will draw markings on for face to guide them in the placing of the threads. Then, you will lie flat and local anaesthetic will be inserted using a very fine needle into the entry and exit points for each thread. Your skin will be thoroughly disinfected and then the threads placed through the entry points into the subcutaneous space below your skin, to a depth of 3-5mm. No incision is required as the suture is inserted using a very fine needle. This part of the procedure should not be at all painful, although you may feel a pushing or pulling sensation on the skin.

Once all the threads are in place, your doctor will gently compress the tissue to reshape it by hand to achieve the desired lifting effect. This is not uncomfortable and feels like a soft stretching of the skin. The ends of the threads are then trimmed off so that they lie entirely under the skin and can not be felt from the surface.

After Silhouette Soft® treatment, as with any cosmetic treatment, some slight swelling, redness of mild bruising may sometimes be observed, which generally resolve within a few days. There is sometimes a slight wrinkling of the skin (required for optimisation of the treatment) which resolves quickly.

During the week after the treatment you should no undergo any dental surgery, and avoid facial and beauty treatments. You will need to avoid rubbing the treated areas for a few days following the procedure, and you should preferably sleep face-up during this time. You will be asked to avoid excessive facial movements such as yawning or whistling for a week after the procedure.

Results are natural-looking and subtle, and will improve further over the months following the procedure. Results from a Silhouette Soft® Thread Lift typically last for 12-24 months.

This depends upon the number of threads needed, but will typically range from $1200-3400 to lift the jowls and jawline.

The Skin Clinic Fremantle insist that all patients have an initial consultation with our doctor prior to scheduling the treatment. During this appointment, a full medical history will be taken and the doctor will examine your face and let you know whether this procedure would be suitable for you.

We will also be able to give you an accurate quote at this time. If you then decide to go ahead with the procedure, this would be booked in for a separate appointment.

How much is the Silhouette Soft Thread Lift®

Lower Face/Cheeks$1200-3400

You can pay for your treatment with cash, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, American Express or zipPay.

From 1st October 2016, Medical Board (AHPRA) guidelines regarding the provision of cosmetic procedures, require a consultation and a “cooling-off” period prior to any cosmetic treatments.

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